Who’s Covered?

Real Estate Brokers

Mandatory in some states, HMS E&O Insurance covers everyone in a real estate broker’s office and reduces liability should one of your agents become involved in an E&O claim. If an insurance E&O claim is filed, the HMS E&O policy absorbs all responsibility, and HMS Risk Management will defend the agent or broker on a covered claim, whether or not the allegations are groundless.

Real Estate Agents

HMS E&O Insurance coverage protects agents’ personal assets. If a client files a claim against an agent, he or she should discuss the matter with their broker immediately – and not try to resolve the matter beforehand. The broker will then contact an HMS risk specialist for guidance through the rest of the claim process. (Click here for further details about the claims process.)

Property Appraisers

Aside from providing important peace of mind, HMS E&O Insurance allows property appraisers to enter into commercial and residential property transactions. In fact, financial institutions require appraisers to carry a certificate of insurance.

Home Inspectors

As you know, it is the real estate agent who recommends home inspectors to his or her clients. It’s also important to know that having HMS E&O Insurance allows home inspectors to market themselves differently – as covered, credible professionals – and become a more attractive business partner for real estate agents.

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