E&O Coverage – Cybersecurity For Business

Millions of cybersecurity attacks happen every hour in the United States. Even if you keep up with your maintenance schedule — installing all of the various patches and antivirus software — your business could still be at risk. After all, cybersecurity attacks don’t just happen to big corporations and celebrities — they can happen to anyone. E&O insurance coverage was designed to give businesses the extra coverage they need, should they fall victim to an attack.

Why HMS E&O Insurance?

E&O coverage helps your business in the event of a cyberattack and lowers your liability, should any sensitive data become exposed.  If an E&O claim is filed, HMS Risk Management will defend your company on a covered claim — even if the claim is groundless.

  • Get added peace of mind
  • Get affordable coverage with premiums as low as $750 a year
  • Protect your business and your good name
  • Get the level of protection you need, at the best rates
  • Personalize your coverage with endorsements

A Trusted Partner for Over 25 Years

For over two decades, HMS has consistently offer competitive rates and coverage. Our network includes many of the nation’s top insurance providers and we’ve built policies for some of the most respected names in the real estate business.

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Coverage for E&O is not available in all states and is subject to underwriting approval and actual policy language.